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Break away collar

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This morning, I was cleaning up the Christmas wreckage in another room, and I came back into the family room and saw Elmer's breakaway collar lying on the carpet. At first I didn't think anything of it, since sometimes when they play it will come off . Then I went to pick it up, and the little ring that holds his tag on the collar had gotten tangled in a piece of the berber loop of the carpet and would not give, until I actually bent down and "unthreaded" it from the loop of carpet. That is some tough berber! Also, the collar was soaking wet and slobbery around the clasp, so he surely must have been struggling to get away, poor thing. I was RIGHT IN THE NEXT ROOM AND HE NEVER MADE A SOUND.

I searched all the rooms for him and couldn't find him anywhere. I didn't see him in the yard, but finally after calling him repeatedly at the door, I heard the bushes rustling near the fence and he came out. I think he was scared to death and he was swallowing a lot like he had thrown up. I got him inside and massaged his neck and checked him over and he seems fine, just a little spooked. If I hadnt been home and he'd been wearing a regular collar, who knows what would have happened. I usually leave their collars a bit loose anyway, but I will definitely be getting some smaller loops to put their tags on and continue to use the breakaway collars.

All Christmas I worried about chocolate, plastic and silicone packets that come in products. Who would think that berber carpet could trap a dog?

Feeling very thankful to Rusty and Stickers Mom for suggesting those collars months ago!

They are from Chinook & Co, I believe. But if you google breakaway collars, you will see them and read some of the most unbelievable stories about how dogs have strangled.

Glad this had a happy ending.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!
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SO glad this story does have a happy ending. I post this reminder about Breakaway Collars several times a year. I discovered them when my German Shepherd's tag became lodged in between the wooden slats on my deck. I had to use bolt cutters to free him. I am so happy that your sweet Elmer is okay. Just to think of what might have been had he been wearing a buckle collar. Dogs & cats can get into so much more than we imagine. Unfortunately most of the time it takes a tragedy to realize that. Poor Elmer must have been scared but thankfully he was freed. I do encourage everyone to consider ordering one if you collar your pet. It could save their life.

Give sweet Elmer a big smooch from me and an extra belly rub!!! I love happy endings! :) :)
My dogs do not wear collars unless we are out and I am supervising them.
I too only have collars on my dogs when we are out and about. If my 2 were to wear collars on a regular basis I would without a doubt have breakaway collars for them.

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