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Brandy has gone home now

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Her family came and picked her up today. We had a lot of fun, but I don't think my wife is converted to Bassetism yet. She talked a lot of baby talk to her, slipped her treats, and laughed at her antics, but as soon as Brandy was gone she broke out the disinfectant and scented candles to get rid of the hound smell.

I visit these friends of ours on a regular basis, so I can always go over to their house when I need a basset fix!
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You need to start with a puppy and wow her with the sweet smell of a puppy. Then you can bathe the puppy on a regular basis and she'll get used to it.

Its funny about visiting dogs. Ernest's best friend scruffy is a terrier mix. He shed likes crazy, as soon as he's out of the house I vacuum like crazy. Its a different kind of shedding than bassets do.

Do you have wood/tile or carpet? Those things make a difference as well as to if the scent sinks in.

Hey, if you have carpet and she's dying to get rid of it, you can use a remodel as an excuse to new floors!

lala and ernest
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