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Lol I am SO willing to learn.

She did really good last night and this morning. We gave her a bath and she didn't fuss at all; she was still when we brushed her and cleaned her ears/jowls; she even slept all through the night. This morning she woke us up bright and early and we decided to go for a long walk to get some energy out. We went to Petsmart too. She did great on both. Great with people and great with other dogs.

Now the biggest problem we're having is getting her to eat. We can't find the food she was used to. She'll eat treats and stuff, but she can't stand the food that we do have. I wanna try homemade food for tonight to at least get something in her belly but I'm not sure I have all the ingredients right now outside of ground turkey. I also don't wanna screw it up.

She also doesn't like listening to me much. She'll listen to me when my boyfriend is around and she listens to him very well, but when its just me and her and we go in public, she tries to control me. We gotta work on that.

She's a total joy though. She LOVES tennis balls and rawhide bones. :D

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fussy eaters are made not born, and your approach is what you would do if you wanted to create a fussy eater. A healthy dog will not starve itself to death when food is present unlike a cat which may refuse to eat a food it find less than appealing. Cut back on the treats Leave the food down no more than ten to fifteen minutes then pick it up until next meal time. If she does not eat don't try and force her or offer something different including treats. In a few days she will eat what is put in front of her. If you keep changing food offering something more appealing instead she learns by being picky fussy she can get something better.

Dpon worry about the dog missing a few meal it will do no harm and likely actual heathy for her.

I am not say don't feed home cooked meals if that is what you want to do but don't accomidate her either it should be your choice.

She also doesn't like listening to me much. She'll listen to me when my boyfriend is around and she listens to him very well, but when its just me and her and we go in public, she tries to control me
Examines manipulation as part of social life, and the dog's need for clear boundaries & leadership

Leadership Basics

Relationship based Approach to Training

How Much Does Your Dog's Cooperation Weigh?

She LOVES tennis ball
as a head up tennis ball are very abrassive on dogs teeth. obsesive teenis ball chasher and chewers abrade the canine to the root, They make balls that look like tennis balls speficically for dogs. This is what you will find in pet stores they are more expensive but better for the dog


Tennis Balls & Teeth Wear
Melissa Reuter-Wagoner, RVT
Many of our canine companions would agree that a tennis ball is one of the most exciting toys they own. The sight of a tennis ball usually leads to joyful tail wagging and a game of fetch. Unfortunately, this toy can also lead to excessive wearing of a dog’s teeth. The fibers that cover a tennis ball are surprisingly abrasive and meant to withstand the hard surface of a tennis court. This abrasiveness can actually wear through the enamel and dentin of teeth, shortening the crown and sometimes exposing the internal root canal system. However, playing fetch with your dog is a fantastic way to give them exercise and keep them fit.
A tip to keep your dog’s teeth from being damaged is to use a ball other than a tennis ball.
Tennis Balls for Dogs
Not all tennis balls are created equal! Tuff Balls are the original tennis balls for dogs. These balls have extra-thick natural rubber walls which provide extra durability. And, they're nontoxic—no chemicals are added for bounce as is done with "human" tennis balls and the nonabrasive felt won't wear down a dog's teeth like "human" tennis balls do.

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Welcome Miss Penny A and family...what a beautiful girl you are.....

You've joined the right group...these are the best for any questions you have and stories you want to share....

Glad to have you aboard and can't wait to see more pictures of Miss Penny....:D

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