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Since Morton the boarder is still hanging around I decided to enter him in the show this weekend. Now, this dog is almost eight years old (he's Rainbow & Copper's brother) and has never been in a dog show before. I took him to handling class on Monday and that's all the training I gave him.

Well....he was Best of Winners Friday & Saturday and Winners Dog today for a total of 5 points (10 total needed for championship)!

The reason he wasn't Best of Winners today? (snicker) The judge said it was because one of his testicles is bigger than the other! LOL I've never lost for that reason before! LOL

Although getting him to stand properly was difficult (yesterday he rolled over on his back!) when it came time to move he strutted around the ring like a pro. Morton loves showing.

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that is great,something like that happened to me this weekend at the AHBA trial.after the hunt there is a bench show,Dean talked me into putting Raider in it was a small class and i wasn't really thinking he would do anything... he took best male and lost best in show to his puppy.needless to say i'm still shocked.

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