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Brag: Pearl gets two UD legs, Bella gets her RE

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Hi folks,
This weekend at the Truckee Meadows DTC trial, Pearl got two UD legs. I can't tell you how excited I was, especially by that first leg. The second day was a cliff-hanger, but we got out of there with a qualifying score.

Bella, my two year old, finished her RE title--can't say it was her best performance, but she's made it through the Rally series, and she's only two. Now, to start trainiing her in obedience, where I can't chat her up all the way through the course. This will be a challenge. She sure loves Rally, though--some days I'm tempted to bag obedience and go for the RAE
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Congratulations!!! I understand how thrilling those utility legs are! Interesting comment about chatting Bella up for rally--that's one reason I'm laying off on the Rally until Caper has more obedience experience--I don't want the constant yakking to become a crutch.
Interesting thought about Rally actually making obedience harder because of the dog learning to expect constant encouragement. The issue has kind of bugged me throughout Bella's Rally career. I've justified moving her on and up by my thinking that it'll be many moons before her s attention span matches her attitude and athletic abiltiy , so I have lots of time to work on attention without the chatting before we hit traditional OB. We'll see....
Sharon Hall
Congratulations!! I'm impressed!! A word about the Rally chatter. I had just gotten out of the Rally ring with Stryker and had to run over to the Novice ring (literally). As I was still in the chatter mode I accidently said something to him during the figure 8. I don't know how many points were deducted (as I forgot to look at my score sheet) or even if I was disqualified (I wasn't). I look at Rally not as an introduction to Obedience, but as icing on the obedience cake. Way to go Sharon and grrrls!! Belinda.
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