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last night I had to make a run to the local store. On my way there, I passed a lady walking a basset puppy!!!! Well, I turned into a maniac, and drove around the block, just so I could meet her.

He was 6 months old and he was beautiful. He peed on my foot, and got his ears all wet. :roll: But he was soooo soft...
She was happy to meet me, and we exchanged phone numbers. We're going to walk the dogs together one of these evenings.

This is her second basset. Her first one was a year old, and was hit by a car when it got away from her father, who was babysitting him. The dad called him back, and he came, but a car was coming... :cry:

Her dad felt so terrible, so he bought her this one. He is one good looking basset. His name is Bowser. Next time I'll take pictures...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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