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Bowsah here..

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Otay so i'm cornfused. do i hab a fwind dats a gurl, now or mama sez mowwy wants to be mah gurlfwend? duz mowwy wike me but ders a whole bunch of guyz who wike mowwy? we can aww go pway sometime. no need to fight guys, unwess you have da toy, den ill bite an win!

BTW Mikey sed sometin about ballz...mowwy you not gonna twi to dwag me awound by dem ar you? You can't cuz mama aweady took dem!
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The other boys are nice, but you're my guy, Bowser! You're cute and I hope we can go to the beach if we ever get to play. I love running and rolling in sand (but I won't go in the water). And maybe some girls will try to drag you by your boy bits, I am really really sweet. I don't even do that to Winston and he deserves to be dragged around (hear that Bessi and Smili?). Momma says I'm the sweetest little girl in the world. I'd share my Pupperoni with anyone!

By the way, Bowser, Momma calls me Mowwy now cuz she said it's so cute the way you say my name :)

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