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bowel incontinence

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Luckily, this is not about Lightning. My neighbors' dog is 12 or 13. He's healthy except for the usual arthritis. However, he doesn't seem to be able to control his poop chute anymore. He's a really big dog, so I suggested they get one of those things that they hang on carriage horses' butts to catch their poop. Does anyone know if this is a condition that can be treated? If not, is there some product out there like the horse thing (or perhaps something even better)? I think a diaper would only make things worse.
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No idea. My puppy goes every time we make him ride in the car.
keep his meals solid if they can, and give him probiotics. Those supplements are relatively cheap and work wonders, even on humans! Maybe adding some dried pumpkin to his food would help solid it up too. But TOTALLY on the probiotics! It's the good yogurt like bacteria that fights bad smelling, bad acting, and indigestion bacteria in the intestine *nod nod*
It depends on what the cause is, they would be best to talk to the vet. I'm not sure on the prognosis for physical issues, but it could also be a "senility" problem and that can often be treated with medication.
I should add a bit more information. His bowel movements are of excellent consistency. They just come out of their own free will. Pumpkin tries to get outside to poo, but often he doesn't have time. He won't get in a car, and he's easily 120 lbs, so taking him to the vet is out of the question. My neighbors have the vet come out when they need to. Where we live, that is often difficult. Luckily he's a gentle giant, as long as you're not trying to put him in a car.
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