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Boudreaux's growing up!

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I made 3 months old! (Actually now I'm 13 weeks, lol)

I'm getting big, according to the nice people at my vet's office I am 16lbs and 4 ounces. They are really nice even though I had to get two shots yesterday. They all wanted a lot of puppy kisses so I made sure I saw everybody!

Here's my three month old picture, I had a stick!

I went out and played in the snow today and my mommy had her camera out (of course). She said she posted them on something called FaceBook and put some more on my gallery here!

I'm sure it's time for me to terrorize, oops I mean check on the kitty!

Playing in the snow is FUN!!!! | Facebook
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Congratulations Boudreaux on becoming such a big boy....I myself am 5 months old and am right around you can see that you will get alot bigger..but I was only 12lbs 8ozs at 11wks...and I personally love that white stuff. In fact Mommy had to get me some stuff at the vet because I love to dig my nose in and eat it..(very cold and tasty) but it gave me an upset tummy like drinking from a puddle (another thing mom says is a "no-no").

Well I don't know what a cat is but I do have an older littler brother who I love to get after myself....he is little but brave since he chased to very scary geese from our yard..looked like monsters on sticks to me and I hid till he made them go away..

Your friend
Woody Hayes
Well, Mr Boudreaux just keeps getting cuter!
Those are terrific pictures! He is a handsome young man.
Great action shots! Handsome guy too :)
He's so cute! I love how he's chewing on his stick but still has his eyes firmly on you. He doesn't want to miss a single little thing. About the Facebook pictures, some friends of ours commented that I have more pictures of Doppler and Virga on Facebook than they do of their daughter. I guess they need to start taking more pictures of their little girl!
We have plenty of snow left here if anyone wants to come for a visit.
Boudreaux says "woof, arrrraaaa, bark" I think that's basset for thank you very much!

He still hasn't done a complete howl, i think he's about 80% there, lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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