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<_< Sometimes I wonder if my dogs are stimulated enough. Of course, they have every toy, chew bone and rag rope manufactured by the world's suppliers, but it seems like they only play hard about twice a day. After meals, and when Captain comes home from the office with Daddy. Then there's a big reunion. But I feel like a neglectful Mom as I walk thru the house, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. and they look up at me from whatever sofa they have claimed for the day with those baleful eyes. They have NO interest in fetching anything, and in fact, when we have tried to involve them in this kind of activity, look at us as if we were mad. (Huh? Use energy? Burn calories? No way!) They do enjoy walks, and all I would need would be roller skates and we could enter the Ididarod (sp?) I know bassets are laid back dogs, but is anyone else seeing this as well? :unsure:
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