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:( Bogie was diagnoised last Monday with cervical disc disease after having pain walking, hunched back, etc. The vet put him on meds to see if they would help the disc problem. Well, Bogie had a very tough weekend. More pain, and would yelp and holler loudly anytime he tried to get up from lying down. He started having trouble walking limping on the left front and the right rear. We got little sleep Saturday night since he would cry out when ever he moved. Last night I slept on the foor with him. Clearly the meds weren't helping.
We called the vet this morning and he said bring him on in. He has two other back surgeries this afternoon, and Bogie will be the third. He'll do a myelogram first to see exactly which disc or discs are involved and then do surgery. He goes in from the underside of the neck to the damaged discs and proceeds from there. He said it's the exact same surgery they do on humans, and that he has good success. He did say as with all surgery there is risk. He'll call us this afternoon and let us know how things go. Dr. Mosely's specialty is with neurology, so we are pleased with that, and he does all the back surgeries for the vet clinic we have been using. So think good thoughts for Bogie today.
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