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We just got Bogie home, and he looks better than I expected. The vet said he must have a high pain tolerance, because he has not whined or fussed at all, and was ready to romp when she got him of of the crate to go potty this morning. She did the traditional ACL surgery:"extracapsular stabilization repair with retinacular imbercation" (using the fishing line type filament and tightening on the joint capsule). She said his cartiladge and meniscus looked great, but the ACL was totally snapped.
Bogie's on total crate rest with potty walks only, for four weeks, has antibiotics (cephalexin 500 mg 2x a day) , pain meds (deramaxx 100mg 1/2 daily for 3-5 days). Ice packs several times a day for a few days to keep the swelling down. We are to also start on GLC 1000 (Glucosamine + Chondroitin 1000 mg) 2 x a day. After the first four weeks of total confinement, a little more freedom with mutiple daily leash walks increasing in length for the following four weeks. Hopefully he will heal with out any complications.
Right now he is asleep in his crate, and we have found a new use for his muzzle. The vet suggested we keep it on him to prevent him from licking and chewing the stitches. She thought it would be better than the Elizabethan collar.

Thank you so much for all the healing drool and kind thoughts.
Connie and Bogie

Steinar: My original post is now in the Health section, where I'm sure this one will be headed. It explains how Bogie did this.

This site will explain what the vet did to Bogie. (Warning graphic and pictures of actual surgery)
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