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:)The Vet Specialist/Neurologist, Dr. Tobias, was very pleased with Bogie's progress on Tuesday. His first statement was, "Bogie has dodged a bullet!" :) (meaning no surgery required) We are to keep doing exactly what we have been doing for the next four weeks, and he will remain on the same two meds. On March 2nd he will re-evaluate him, and if all is still going great then, he will start pulling him off the pain meds. Now the challenge is to keep him from ripping and running and doing his spin arounds for four weeks. Just twice daily short slow walks as we have been doing. If all continues as planned Dr.Tobias says Bogie should have a full recovery.

That healing drool from you guys has awesome power!!!! Thank you so much for all your care, concern, good thoughts, and healing drool while we have gone through a tough month of having a Basset with a ruptured disc in his neck. Connie
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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