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:( We had to take Bogie back to the vet today. He started throwing up over the weekend, and the antibiotic was making him sick. Also as the back leg is getting better and the bone is healing, he is starting to walk on it, but weirdly. He picks it up really high and kinda flicks it out backward before he steps on it. Then the right front leg has gotten worse, he holds it up when he's sitting, and really limps on it as well. The vet can't get him to react to any sore spots or show any pain on the front. We were thinking he may have just re-strained it while hobbling on three legs and holding the rear one up, since it's the same elbow he hurt before we moved. It also had some nasty bite wounds that have now healed up. So now we are waiting another week, he's on a new antibiotic and dermaxx for inflamation and pain. We are to see how he'll do, and if not better next week the vet will refer us to a orthopeadic specialist and possibly a neurologist as well. He's wondering if there may be some nerve damage that is just now showing up, since Bogie's not in pain from the bite wounds anymore. Poor Bogie sure didn't deserve all of this.

Many of you have asked abot the two pit bulls that attacked us in the motel. We checked with animal control in St. Joe on Monday, and were pleased to know that the two pit bulls were euthanized. I hate to say that, but in this case I have peace of mind knowing they can't harm any one else or any other dog. Their owners left the state and did not return to Missouri to get them, and still do not have a permanent address. Animal Control said the owners had called from several different places when they checked on the status of their dogs, and finally agreed to give them permission to euthanize them. If they had claimed them there were some hefty fines, kennel bills, cost for spaying and neutering, etc. to be paid in order to get the dogs back, plus proof of liability insurance and some possible charges against them for not controlling viscious dogs, violating leash laws of MO, etc. There will be no help from them on Bogie's care, and it seems futile to pursue this. So we are closing that chapter of our lives, and are moving on.

Just keep the healing drool coming for Bogie and we are just hoping he will eventually totally recover and be OK.
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