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I would prefer Paisley to stay home in her own house. We hace never kenneled Paisley but preferred to take her every where we go. She is an expert at hotels etc. and when we travel down south she usually stays at my brother in laws i Toronto since we have not found an in home sitter. That being said it had recently created a problem for us -- my daughter and I are travelling to Turkey and Greece in August but hubby will stay home with Paisley (mostly his choice but since we don't have a sitter).
Paisley and her Dad tho will travel together during that time to Toronto twice and to Manitoulin Island on another weekend. You should have heard my husband explaining to the hotel guy that we had a little dog (he rationalized by saying she is VERY short). That being said I sure wish we had an in house sitter so that he would travel with us. We love to travel with Paisley but sometimes it would be convenient to leave her at home since my hisband and I agree that boarding is not an option.... we have to find a sitter soon.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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