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I just checked the Blue Buffalo site. They are taking all Blue dog canned products, Spa Select cat products, and Blue Health bars off the shelves. I copied their new statement and put it below.
We have been mixing 1/8 can of the various canine varities of the canned food with Bogie's dry Nutro Natural Choice food at his two feedings, morning and night. I guess we won't be doing that anymore. Bogie seems to be fine, and has been a very enthusiastic eater of this mixture. This mess gets scarier and scarier.


April 26, 2007

Dear Pet Parents,

Due to a product-tampering incident, I regret to inform you that we are recalling all BLUE dog can products, Spa Select cat can products and BLUE Health Bars effective immediately. It is extremely difficult for us to make this announcement as we spoke with many of you last week, before this tampering incident was known, and assured you that only one production run of Spa Select kitten dry food was unfit for consumption.

The product tampering came to our attention when American Nutrition, Inc. (ANI), the manufacturer of our canned dog and cat foods and biscuits, informed us that they had been adding rice protein concentrate to our canned formulas without our knowledge or approval. Apparently this has been going on for some time, and ANI only chose to inform us when the FDA began an investigation of their rice protein concentrate supplies.

While this activity by ANI is in itself unlawful, the situation is further complicated by the fact that ANI has been receiving rice protein concentrate contaminated with melamine from Wilbur-Ellis.

So while no BLUE or Spa Select canned product has tested positive for the presence of the melamine, and there have been no reported illnesses from our canned foods, we have lost all confidence in the honesty and integrity of ANI, and the products that they manufacture.

For this reason, we have decided to remove all of our canned foods and biscuits from the retail market. While this may seem to some as a major over-reaction, the Blue Buffalo Company was founded on the principle of providing the highest quality and most nutritious pet foods available to our pet parents. Anything less is not acceptable.

The obvious question is how could Blue Buffalo not know that ANI was altering the formulas by putting in an ingredient such as rice protein concentrate. The simple answer is we trusted ANI as a partner. They deliberately deceived us and betrayed our trust.

In the end, it all comes down to integrity. ANI has not been honest with us or with pet parents who trust BLUE, so we are going to temporarily stop the production and sale of all cans and biscuits until we can provide you with products that are exactly what we say they are.

We have already taken steps to identify a new manufacturer-a company with integrity that will meet the standards of excellence that our brand is known for and that pet parents have come to expect from BLUE.

We want to thank our loyal pet parents who have stood by us during these extraordinary times, and we pledge to you that we will continue to do the right thing for our beloved cats and dogs.


The Bishop and The Blue Buffalo Company Family
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