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Blowing coat

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Although Rufus is my 3rd basset and 2nd I've had as a puppy, I've never encountered this before...He is shedding ridiculous amounts of fur (9 months). He looks like he has small chunks missing all over most of his back and flanks but it's not down to the skin. It actually looks like he's getting thinner, more coarse fur in its place. Do they "blow their coats"? I really don't want to take him in for unnecessary and costly tests if this is all it is.
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The first time Murray shed his coat, around that age, it was like what you're describing- I was horrified because I thought it would be like that every year! It turned out that it was never that bad again- I have hair year round, and more this time of year, but never like that first time.
It's unbelievable how much they shed. Yesterday we swept and vacuumed for company coming over and it looked like we had swept up a new basset puppy there was so much fur. :D

Mine blow their coats, in fact, Charlie is just starting to lose his. It's a royal pain, and I'm just relieved that our house is no longer on the market!
We say that Ruby is molting!

I have to vaccuum daily this time of year even when I brush her outside daily. It's hair here, hair there and hair everywhere!

Janice and little Ruby ("So! After 9 years mommy, you'd think you'd be used to it by now!")
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