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Bloody paw!! ....looks like a skin tag? Not sure what this is ...

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I know this will probably be considered Health and Genetics but I need advice quickly. This section gets more views ...maybe it can stay here just for an hour or so, until I get some advice ...please :)

Belly came in from the backyard tonight, while we were having dinner with our friends, leaving a trail of blood spots. After a short wrestling match, we found a teardrop shaped piece of raw skin hanging from his front paw. It looks like a skin tag or something of the sort.

I put Neosporin and closed the doggie door. Our guest have left so he's calm and the bleeding has stopped. Is this an emergency thing or can it wait until Monday, if the bleeding doesn't start again??

Any advice will be welcome. I'm really nervous about tonight and how much these things can bleed if it starts again.

Can I buy a bootie from Petsmart and bandage it until Monday?
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Hard to know whether stitches would be needed or not. But if you decide to wait, clean very thoroughly, apply triple antibiotic cream and then cover the foot to keep him from licking/chewing at it. You might consider a collar to prevent him from getting at it, if necessary. Check and clean periodically to make sure the foot's not becoming infected. And of course, if it starts looking infected or the bleeding doesn't seem to stop, then he should see the vet sooner rather than later. Hope he feels better soon. :)
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