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blood in stool

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Sami has had a tummy ache for a couple of days. Friday night she was up and down eating grass- but no vomiting or diarrhea. She seemed fine Saturday morning- ate and drank well. Her poop was a little soft but formed (sorry to be gross). Last night she was up and down again- but eating and drinking well today. Just now I noticed she seemed to be having a hard time going to the bathroom- straining a bit to poop- it's still soft but with a bit of mucus, grass... and I can't decide if a bit of blood. She is behaving her usual self- I can take her as a walk in to the vet at 8 tomorrow- Has anyone dealt with something like this before or do you think I should take her to the ER vet tonight?
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Can you call the emergency clinic and describe what is going on- they will probably know from what you are describing if she can wait until 8 tomorrow. Our doxie Gretel (ATB) suffered from chronic colitis and sometimes had blood and mucus in her stool- we would have to restrict her diet and put her on Metronid(sp?) for a few days. But this may be something totally different so if it were me I would try to talk with the vet this evening and see what he thinks- good luck with this-
Mteronid is the canine equivalent of the drug Flagyl (metronidazole) it's the common all-purpose anti-infective when there's a question of bowel infection. By all means get your little pup tested, sometimes things like whipworm can cause irritation and bleeding and it's uncomfortable for dogs. Good luck and keep us posted.
Well, went to the vet today as the "problem" came back and she had one bout of vomiting too... Little baby has clostridium bacteria in her poop! Apparently she had a ... as the vet worded it... a dietary indiscretion of some sort :) So- a sot of antibiotic... a shot of steroid... and antibiotics by mouth all around!
Glad to hear it was nothing serious- I bet she'll be back to herself in no time! Thanks for posting the update, I was wondering how she was doing-
I am also glad to here she is okay. Do you have any idea what she ate?Just curious because Copper and Patty eat everything Dolly isn't so bad but those two are like disposals. Happy that the ordeal is over for both of you.
The trash can sits on top of the dryer- but when the weather is bad I sit the filled bags in the garage until we can get them to the dumpster. The only times the dogs are in the garage is when we are in the garage- but we know how fast and sly they can be. I've dithered over some peeled Easter eggs that were in there about 10 days ago or scraps of ham. She always has a sensitive tummy so I don't feed her lots of fatty foods but of course as a basset she loves them :) The only other thing in that time frame I could think of was some scummy pond water :roll:
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