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So glad Speedy is ok, Karen. Gosh how Scary. I worried about bloat every day from the time I first heard about it. And Roady with his gulping thing used to suck in a lot of air making his abdomen distend. Can't begin to count how many trips we made to the vets for that.

Seems like most of the things we do to prevent bloat don't really matter but I'd still restrict exercise and water after eating. I know some breeders that have had several dogs bloat and then others none. I do think there is a genetic prediposition. Having a first degree relative that's bloated is one of the risk factors in the Glick study if I remember correctly, as are fast eating and a raised food bowl.

Did your vet suggest you feed canned food? How about a gastropexy?

Keep us posted on how Speey is doing. Good luck in the ring.
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