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my roobie has had recurring UTI's since we adopted her a year ago. we have been battling those and got her fairly, reliably housetrained through all of that. however, this past weekend she passed one large stone then had emergency surgery to rid the rest of the stones (she had a lot). she is on the mend now, but has to go outside ALL THE TIME. i expect that for now because of the sensativity in her bladder. something strange happened today though. my wife called me to tell me that she pee'd in my closet right in front of her while she was hanging out in our room. she has been 'pretty good' about housetraining even with the unknown stones. she has only had 1 accident in the past 3 months. she has never pee'd in front of us until this incident. any ideas? this seems strange. do i have to start all over again? if we are downstairs she goes to the door to be let out. but, this was really out of character for her. she is between 3 and 4. and she has been acting very healthy for the most part since the surgery. active... little to no pain...

Sean, I can't specifically answer that question but if the vet thinks she's okay then maybe a "refresher" course in housetraining is called for.
After Francis was sick last year (he went blind from glaucoma and was hospitalized for weeks) he started going in the house, even when I was making a point of going out with him every 3 hours or so. He also went in front of me.
I put it down to trauma and was pretty forgiving but after a week, enough was enough, so I started confining him in the kitchen whenever I left the house. The poor thing couldn't see the baby gate I put up but he understood that he was being confined and got the message within a couple of days and hasn't had a problem since.
I hope this helps.
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