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MANY thanks to all of you who replied to my desperate plea!! I think I may next turn to a "pet parlor" here. Later maybe I can get a dremel and do it myself, so it can be done once a week as suggested. Even though she walks on asphalt some each day, it probably doesn't get them filed enough. (I surely wish I could believe it did!!) Bianca is just a pet--not for showing--so maybe I don't even need to worry about it.[/b]
If you want the quick to recede, once a week may not be enough. The next time the dog is to the vet and sedated for a procedure you can have the quick cut. Being under prevent the pain associated with cutting the quick so you will not have enduring nail cutting problems if you were to so this on a regular basis. Since it is not an immediate health issue IMHO the risk associated with anesthesia is not worth it just for shorter nails but if the dog is being put out for a more compeling reason there is not reason not to get the nails whacked back all at once.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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