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Biting viciously.

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This is a HYPOTHETICAL question because I am quite curious on how US law handle this type of situation..

Let say that a dog that is normally sweet suddenly got abused by a neighbor/ roommate/ housemate/ whoever..
The abuse become quite severe that the dog fight back and injured the abuser (let say level 4 bite).
Of course, the dog also injured by the punching and choking by the perpetrator.

my question is would the dog have to be euthanized according to the law here?

How about if the abuser is a thief trying to injure you and your family; thus, the dog defend the pack by injuring the thief..
Would the thief have the right to sue the owner for the injury caused by the dogs?

and would the dog needs to be euthanized?

Thank you for your opinions.
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You need an answer from a qualified lawyer in your particular jurisdiction because of overlaping state federal and local regulation on viscious dogs that said, many or most statutes make accomidiation for dogs defending itself or humans when on property of the owner but again it can vary widely.
Everyone has the right to sue over anything.. It is doubtful a thief would win regardless of the letter of the local law.

With roommate, neighbor, ect. you would probably have to prove the abuse or they just might win..

In either case it would depend on both the local laws, and whether the judge and/or jury actually followed them to the letter or not.

The other big caveat would be if a local police or sheriff interpreted the law as to requiring to immediately euthanize the dog, they could possibly take custody of and carry out the sentence prior to a court case.

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