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Birdseed and dogs....

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I pm'd a poster in another thread who mentioned thier hound scarfed up bird seed. I thought this might be important enough to post separately.

I lost our Annabelle to Diamond aflatoxin. I since have done a lot of reading and know more about aflatoxin than I cared to ever want to know. But, our vet told us they have seen dogs with this from bird seed, which can get the same molds on it (dogs are especially susceptible, have no idea about birds but guess may not be a problem for them). So, not being alarmist here, but would STRONGLY recommend that you not allow your dogs to help themselves to the birdseed.

As an aside post script, have received paperwork from Diamond's insurance company to settle for vet costs and puppy purchase price. Nothing for the "pain" part as dogs (in the eyes of the law) are nothing more than property.
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I appriciate the warning Piedmont. Thank you.
thanks for the warning. Glad Diamond's moving things along ... I think it stinks that they don't acknowledge that dogs (and other pets) are "nothing more than property." That "property" is what keeps them in business.

Janet 'n Twinkie
Thanks for posting about the bird seed- I didn't know this.As far as Diamond- :mad:
Thanks very much for the information about the birdseed. Wilson seems to think that Sally the parrot gets fed way better than he does. Which with the buffet that she is fed, Wilson could be right. It seems that Wilson's back end is always hanging out of the bottom tray of the bird cage looking for drops.

Although my bird eats mostly fruits, veg, a little meat, there is also a bowl of seeds, peanuts and millet and miscellaneous parrot mix that gets thrown to the bottom of the cage. So very sorry about your dog. There aren't words that help and neither does money.

We love our neighborhood birds and had always fed them. Then Bubba decided to start cleanining up the area under the bird feeders. He was ingesting seed hulls, seeds, and you guessed it "bird droppings" as he did this. One day he came in and threw up lots of seed hulls, etc. We called the vet who told us to stop feeding the birds, because those tiny discarded seed hulls with their sharp edges and points could do damage to doggie intestines in large quanities, plus the droppings etc. could harbor diseases a dog could pick up. So we put up our bird feeders away.
I did not know this!!! :eek:

I was a bird feeding maniac last summer, had every type of seed to attract every type of bird. And Duke was always sniffing around under them. Thank you so much for the info!

I'll miss all the pretty little birds, but I'd miss my bassets more, if anything happened to them...

wow didn't know this,
last year my two dogs use to eat so much bird seed that thier poop would be almost all bird seed. now the birds are being fed in a different place and the dogs don't seem to get to it thank goodness.
thanks for the information
Jake became quite ill as a pup from eating bird poop!
Tarquin eats it all the time, I keep pepto chewables for him, it seems to go straight through him. The vet said it was a "laxative" to a dog. Since I lost Miles the cockatiel, he hasn't had too many he just eats whatever he can and throws up all the time. Peanut's never really messed with pun intended.... :-D
Now I am really getting worried about Duke. He seemed to respond well to the anti inflammatory he was on last week, but now that he is all finished it, he is wheezing something awful, and coughing and gagging.

Rushed him to the vet again, and he said it almost sounded like asthma. (non smoking house)It gets really bad when he goes outside in the cold. minus 12 today with the windchill.

He is back on it for seven days, instead of four. They haven't ruled out heart disease, and will begin testing vigorously if this batch of meds doesn't work. Duke shakes and whines so loudly at the vet, that they can hardly hear his chest.

It's so sad, he just wants to be with me, practically on my lap. He knows something is wrong. Sorry this is long and rambling...just worried about my basset. :( need to vent.

sorry meant to post the above reply as a new topic! getting old... senior moment! :roll:

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