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Has anybody here tried a Bioflow (or similar) collar on their hound?

Frankie has been on Metacam for quite a long time now, but recently suffered quite a nasty gastro problem which started, of course, on a Sunday afternoon and resulted in me suspecting GDV (or at best Bloat with no torsion). I spent almost an hour with his vet, from around 8 pm before he was admitted and kept on an I/V drip for 2 nights. It was bloat but not gas - not gas, food and no torsion. £800 + later he was allowed to come home on the following Tuesday morning and I was given a raft of meds. Touch wood he is fine now BUT a week later, I asked his vet about resuming his Metacam which he said was ok but if I saw any sign of poor stools, I was to take him straight off and they'd switch him to another med to help the discomfort he has from his numerous structural problems. I did, and I have. He had been ok off Metacam, as far as not being lame, but I fancied he wasn't totally comfortable during the evenings and he's not been too keen on doing a full walk - he jams on the anchors and will only turn for home.

I've bought him a Bioflow collar but as I tend not to leave a collar on at all 24/7, especially when crated (plus the risk of damp building up under his chin) I'm not sure whether to leave the collar on 24/7 for max. effect, or not. I have contacted the makers, but have yet to hear back from them.

If anybody out there has experience using this, or similar, I'd welcome input. :confused:

Update - Bioflow have now been back to me re the need to keep the collar on 24/7 and said no. Many people take it off periodically. So I'm removing his overnight. I see no change, either way (improvement or not) so far. I'd still love to hear from anybody who has used these, or similar, on their hound. I did raise the point that Frankie now has a heart murmur (not medicated, so far) but they have not replied to that.
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