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Now that I have the photos organized, I thought I'd belatedly post our photos from the Canadian Nationals

Leila was Best Puppy

Rosie was Best Veteran

Deela and Lenore were Best Brace - well actually they were the only Brace....but it's still a cute pic!

Ginger and Lucy were the oldest Bassets entered

And the following day at the Booster (supported entry), Vina was Best of Winners and Best Puppy

I also love this candid photo of Lucy, who was first in the 9-11 class in Veteran Sweepstakes just two weeks shy of her 12th Birthday. She also went second to Rosie in the regular Veterans class.

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Congrats... some very nice wins there. I'd be mighty proud. Very nice consistent looking dogs as well.

Hey Miriam! Congrats to you. Cinnamon is still doing GREAT!! We never managed to have puppies and so she enjoys being the retired AKC Ch that she is. Congrats on Chili having puppies. It is AMAZING how much they look alike. "Minnie" sends her 1st mommy slobbery kisses from Virginia!!
All lovely, but Rosie is my favorite. How old is she?
All lovely, but Rosie is my favorite. How old is she?
Rosie will be 9 in October.
Congratulations- I love seeing pictures of your beautiful hounds-
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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