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Hi, I have the same problem with Henrietta. She only get aggressive when there is food involved.
We are at the point that we can only lowering the risk but not actually solve it completely.

When it's almost feeding time, I will send her to her "feeding" room (aka laundry room) and I'll have her sit in there and she is not supposed to come out. (If she comes out from the room, I'll send her back in, until she gets my message).
I'll bring the food in and close the door, while I feed Winston in the kitchen.
When both finish their food, I'll take Winston's bowl away and go inside to pickup henri's bowl. By that time, she has gotten over her aggression over food.

Before she attacks or becomes aggressive, usually I could read her body language. Then, I'll try to stop Winston to get near her. Or I will distract Henri by petting her.

The good thing is, Winston is a submissive one and he is 50% bigger than Henri. Winston is soooo much more powerful than Henri. He never actually bite/attack back. If he actually attacks back at Henri, I'm sure things will get sooo much worse. I can't even imagine it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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