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First of all, contact the instructor and explain the situation to her, more than likely she will be understanding.

Secondly, for housebreaking you will have to go back to the beginning. Crate him when you can't be WATCHING him. Tie him to you if you want him with you but are doing other things. Take him outside and go with him so you can praise him when he does his business out there. He cannot mess in the house if you watch him like a hawk and confine him when you cannot watch him.

For the overexcitement A) He's young and crazed B) He probably needs more exercise C) He needs training & to learn restraint. If you can't get into a class right away you can try starting him on the Nothing In Life Is Free program.

I know you're in a tough situation, this is the reason I've refused to sell puppies to people who are pregnant or have an infant. A pup and a baby together are often just too much for most people to handle.
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