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Big Problem .. Long

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Hey Guys... It's been a long while since I have posted, but I am back today because I am getting really frustrated.

We are having a hard time with Minus. He will be a year old May 8 and he still doesn't go to the door when he needs to go out, he just pees or poos on the floor. When he gets excited, he still nips and barks and is really hard to control. We were suppose to go to training, but my son ended up in the hospital and the computer was down, so I couldn't email the lady to tell her we wouldn't be going, and she is the only one, that I know of, in this city that does group training, and I am sure now she wouldn't want us in the group because we didn't show up or let her know about the first night of training ! (someone else could have been there) Anyway, my son is now 18mths old, and it is very hard to control both of them. I love Minus dearly, but I am really sad that this is happening, because he is a beautiful dog, he is just out of control. I just don't know what else to do. I really don't want to get rid of him, I am sure he will come around sometime, but for now it is very difficult with the baby, I have depression and just everything else going on in my life... I don't know what to do...


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First of all, contact the instructor and explain the situation to her, more than likely she will be understanding.

Secondly, for housebreaking you will have to go back to the beginning. Crate him when you can't be WATCHING him. Tie him to you if you want him with you but are doing other things. Take him outside and go with him so you can praise him when he does his business out there. He cannot mess in the house if you watch him like a hawk and confine him when you cannot watch him.

For the overexcitement A) He's young and crazed B) He probably needs more exercise C) He needs training & to learn restraint. If you can't get into a class right away you can try starting him on the Nothing In Life Is Free program.

I know you're in a tough situation, this is the reason I've refused to sell puppies to people who are pregnant or have an infant. A pup and a baby together are often just too much for most people to handle.
You know, due to the circumstances surrounding you not showing up at training, I would think you would at least be able to call the trainer and perhaps try to explain? The worst she could say is no. I would hope she would be understanding considering the circumstances. We had challenges with Molly until she was about 2 years old. The training we did made a world of difference. We did private classes for 10 weeks then I took her to group lessons weekly for a year and a half. Such a difference, I cannot even tell you! Not to mention some age. You still have a puppy on your hands and that combined with an 18 month old is probably a lot to handle. I sympathize with you!
Good luck. Keep us posted.
Suggest you call the woman and apologize. She may be ok with what happened. If she doesn't, check with your local dog training *club*--they may have recommendations. Saint John is a good sized town--I'd be very surprised if you can't find some one else. The failure to housebreak might be better handled by one visit with an animal counselor, anyway, though it does sound like he could use obedience trianing also. Getting excited, nipping and barking when excited aren't that unusual in an 18 month old dog of any breed, and I'll bet you can get it solved. Good luck to you!

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I agree with all said. Simon is like a different dog, since I started with the trainer. "No Free Lunch" does work!! Good luck to you
I agree with everything the other posters have said. Definitely call the trainer. And the puppy is acting like a puppy.

One of the best pieces of advice ever given to me was from a vet, who told me to never forget having dogs is like having perpetual 2 year olds around. And having a puppy is really not that different from having a human baby.
He does need the training, just call. Also make sure he gets enough exercise. I don't want this to sound mean, but if you don't train him, his next household will have to.
Um just to let everyone know we are not even thinking or planning on giving him away. I lvoe this dog, he is just very frustrating... I am not the type of person to just give something away if it isn't working out.
One thing I learned that is working, Simon was big on nipping to get my attention When he does, a sharp NO then go in another room and shut the door on him for 30 seconds If he is like S they don't klike to be alone, so he gets that Also try keeping a leash on him, inside near you to better control him
Sorry about my last comment, but it's true, the reason I came here was to get advice on what to do and I have someone assume that I am thinking of giving away my dog :(
I know how frustrating it can be with the potty training as well as the issues that go along with the puppy years. Claire was just about 2 years old when she suddenly "got it". There were many times that I just wanted to cry because I was soooooooooooooooooooo frustrated. But, after I joined this group, and could share my frustration with people who truly could empathize, and get GREAT advise, it helped immensely! So just hang in there, it DOES get better!!!!!!!
I don't think anyone assumes you plan on getting rid of the guy- We know you love him... and all agree sometimes they do try our patience! I agree on calling the trainer and just see what happens- She may not even be upset at all. You may need to resort to crate training on the potty issues and just give a refresher course- tough love :( There are some good links here in the FAQs box. We have a wild child ourselves and thankfully due to advice here, can now take him on walks without mommy wanting to shed tears. It is a lot of consistency and with basically 2 toddlers (puppy and child) you do have your hands full. Minus does need some space away- ie a crate or penned area - kind of like a safe area for a child- where he can have toys and his "stuff"- I try not to use it as a time out for punishment- but rather a quiet time with treats and special toys- Ours is in the kitchen area. I strongly recommend a kong (and have been using a bit of canned dog food and freezing it)- This keeps Jake amused longer than an hour- he's 2 and likes to be entertained. It's very hard to be firm but you may have to use your "mommy" voice on him. You may want to consider hiring a teenager in the neighborhood to take him on a long walk several times a week - or if you feel up to it load your child in a stroller and take him and Minus out for a jaunt at a park. I would practice first with Minus alone on a leash if he's not been out much lately. Jake had Spring fever and had decided to challenge every dog in the neighborhood. I had to get a shorter lead and harness and now he is fine. I know others here have worked through the nipping issues with a trainer but may have other advice to share. Best of luck and give him lots of ear scunchies from me- Wendy
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We have had the same frustrations with Elvis. We have a 3 year old and have had Elvis for about 6 months. He was making no headway with the housetraining and my whole house still smells. I was in tears all the time because I love him so much, but I have a hard time potty training a human kid and a furry kid. I took some advice I read in a real early post and keep him on a leash in the house at all times, or in the kennel or in the back yard when I cant watch him. We have had maybe one or two accidents in the house in the past month and a half or so, and those were my fault. We have been very consistent, and make sure he is involved in most things we do. He is coming around. We cannot afford the one on one training right now, but are still considering the PetSmart classes when things slow down a little. I bet that trainer would understand. Surely she understands that sometimes things happen beyond our control!
I just want to let everyone know that we had an excellent weekend. We went out and bought a "gentle leader" and there was an instant change. he seemed a lot more relaxed than normal and I called a couple people and we are starting obidience on thursday, for 8wks.

hopefully this weekend was a start !!

Thanks everyone

Jenn :)
Great Start! I'm sure you will both learn a lot at class. My Happy was a year old when we got him, and the classes really trained me, so it isn't to late. If there is a problem that minus has and it isn't covered during class time ask if you can stay late one night, but with all the dogs you see your not alone. One thing we learned is sometimes it is best to let the dog have the behavior, like jumping. You can teach him "up" when you want him to jump, but he must also learn "down". Happy had to learn "speak" and "shush" because of his love of barking.
Have fun at school, and post back on how it goes.
I am in a similiar situation as you are. I have a almost 2 year old son(May 12th), and a almost 1 year old basset Mollie(April 29th). But I also have Maggie who is 6(basset) and Pixie who is 7 a mutt. And a 4 year old daughter. But our similairity is with the first two. When we got Mollie I was aware how hard they can be to train, but know it is possible too because I have Maggie who has absolutely no accidents.

Anyway, I know how hard it is with a toddler and a puppy basset. Mollie and my son have pushed me to my point serval times wondering what I was thinking. But on the other hand the two of them have a very strong bond at the same time too. And what someone said about having a basset and a toddler is equal to having two 2 year olds is probably right. Basset puppies are always into something, and I've learned being firm is the way to go. I am always really firm with Mollie about her boundries. If she gets a toy(which I understand is fair game) I still tell her NO and to put it down. And eventually she will give in. Just like my son, if I stay firm he'll give in when I say NO. Parenting a basset is just like parenting your child. Be consistent! And housebreaking is the same. Do the same thing each time.

Good luck and hopefully the training will work for you. Just be conistent with it and he'll be a great dog for your family. Their is light at the end of the tunnel...just look really hard and you'll see it.
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I don't have any better advice than the smart folks who've already posted, but I just wanted to tell you to hang in there. I also have an 18 month old plus 2 Bassets, and there are days when I don't cope well with all the antics. (The latest was a box of pancake mix they stole from the cupboard my daughter opened, they ran around the whole house with it spraying everywhere before I managed to stop the game.)But then there are the days when my daughter runs up to hug the girls, and when the girls wait at the stairs for her to come down with tails wagging - it makes my heart just melt and I forget all the bad days. Hang in there, they enrich each others lives so very much. :p
Sounds like a great positive start :) . Keep your chin up! maybe your Hubby or partner could follow up in the evenings to help U out with Minus and U could take a nap several times a week?? The class should help too. Good luck to U. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
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