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Big Baby!! LOL!!

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Mattie spend Easter with her grandma yesterday, cause I had to work all day. Well.. When I went to pick Mattie up, my mom called Mattie a big baby. LOL!! She said that she would not stay outside, even if she was sitting out there cause of the bubble bees. LOL!! Mattie is scared of them. She runs and crys at the door to get back in. The bees are not even trying to hurt her but she don't like them. My mom said the Big Baby wanted to spend the day inside instead of out cause of the bees. LOL!!
I just thought it was a cute story is why I shared!!
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Poor Mattie! Yogi hates flying insects! He gets freaked out by them. Sometimes I wonder if he's like that because I am the same way. LOL.
On the other hand, our GSD wants to catch them! Which I don't think is cool because I am worried he will end up getting stung in the mouth!
Snickers was chasing a fly that got in this evening... it was too funny! She would barrel out through the kitchen, and a few times, ran into the stove. She loves to tease the stinkbugs too... although I don't like her to!:p
As for bees... not sure yet, she's seen a couple carpenter bees that caught her attention, but so far, she hasn't tried eating one!
My girl got stung on several different occasions. It was quiet traumatic for both of us. But it didn't seem to phase her, she still liked to try and catch the bees!
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