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Soundtrack Hounds had a Pretty good Nationals

Eowyn First dog with Qualifying score in Hunt Test
Miriam Front left with Eowyn, Me kneeling backrow With Two of Nancy Richmond's (To my left) dogs , which are unseen

Eowyn Hunting moments before getting fully in the brush and running a bunny

Eowyn w/plate and Q ribbon

Saturday we had off with Dogs and champs running in Field Trial

Hermione NBQ (Fifth or as Miriam likes to put it Best Loser) field trial Bitch Class

Pumpkin Won the Derby Class (under 2 year of age

after a Bunny in Was pushed out of the brush by the Gallery (brush beaters) and Hit Pumpkin in the Head on the Way by, She was on Fire for the Contest between all Class Winner. ie Absolute

Pumpkin went Absolute in Field trial

My guess is only Dog ever to go absolute with zero field trial points.

Hermione Qualified Rally obedience Novice b even with a Huge handler gaffe by her handler resulting in No point for a particular task because she was suppose to turn 360 degrees to the left but did 360 to the Right at the first station.

Obedience and Novice Obedience were going great until the Stay's


Grace (Pumpkin, Faith and Hope's {aka Hooligans} sister) Finished Second in the Open bitch Class of Confirmation at the Ft Dearborn Specialty with her Mom and Handler Glenoria

Beginner Novice Obedience

Leila was at the Emergency vet from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am because of an abscess we thought from thorn or such from the field trial. Nope Turned out to be a MERSA infection around her Micro Chip. She is doing well following surgery and a major scar over a foot long.

Much the same for Hermione lack of Stay cost Obedience and Novice Obedience Q's But in Rally with an In tune handler they Won the Novice B class with a score of 98

Leila agility see above her national were done

Eowyn agility Missed the distance challenge in FAST (NQ)

two very good runs in Jumper with weaves and Standard except for a Dropped first bar in each for two more (NQ)

Xena (hermione's and Eowyn's Sister little sister ) was the Rock star with Q's in rally Advanced and Beginner Novice obedience and Dominating agility She was One of Only Six basset to earn the Tri-athlete award for Qualifying in three different performance Venues. She Was First in Fast. High in trial and High Combine in addition to Placing first in Novice preferred Standard and Novice Preferred JWW

Hermione and Eowyn finished 4th in Conformation brace

Changed Handling style with Eowyn to eliminate dropped first bar which worked but she was exceedingly slow and had two refusal still good enough to qualify put not place in standard would have been Fifth

Grace made the cut in the Open class in Conformation but did not Place which was better than any of Her Sister which never made the cut. It was made clear early on was not going to be a good day for us in the Conformation ring as the Emphasis of the Judge was clearly on one of our weaknesses (fronts) along with de-emphasis on our strength. (rears)

However Vina with Grace and Pumpkin did manage a 3rd in Brood Bitch Class.

Faith Bred by Exhibitor Class

Hope American Bred

Pumpkin Open Class

We Had no special entered in Best of Breed. Miriam showed the Winning Bitch in Field trial class for Nancy Richmond while I drove all night to AHBA hunt test

AHBA hunt test Eowyn Second in Champion Class

Nancy Richmond's Bitsy 3rd, Pumpkin 4th, hermione 5th, Hope 6th, Vina 7th, Faith 8th Deela 9th in open class

Nancy Richmond, Miriam and Bill Forrest arrive at the Hunt

Eowyn First in Champion Class for her first win in Champion class

Pumpkin Second in open, Bill's harold 3rd, Nancy's Razzy 4th(razzy finished second in the BHCA field trial Bitch class beat eowyn in first series) , Nancy's Bitsy 5th, Vina 7th , Hermione 8th, Bill's Allie 9th and Nancy's DC (duel champion) Truffles 10th

AHBA -Results

Of Course to finish the week plus off right Faith Developed a Nasty hot spot the encompassed the entire are under her chin between the dulaps

and Nancy's van had the transmission die 100 plus miles from home

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congrats. Love faith's coloring....looks like my sophie's.

Yipes about the MRSA infection.....have never heard of that around a chip.

You guys have put a lot of hard work in and it shows. Nice job!!!!!:p

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FWIW It was one of the Pratt's dog that Pumpkin beat for Absolute. "Chance" I Think.
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