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BHCA Nationals

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So Nationals starts in less than a week. Just wondering if anyone from here is planning on attending. If so maybe you could stop by the raffle table and say HI. I'll be working there most of the week as I'm raffle coordinator. I'm so excited as it will also be my very first Nationals. A little nuts too as we'll be showing in BOB at all 3 shows (2 specialties and Nationals) and Rally at Ft. Dearborn Specialty and Nationals. I don't know what I was thinking but we're going for the gusto and hopefully we'll come home with at least one leg. Haven't practiced since we finished class a while back but I think we just may pull off a leg or two of Novice A. And with the numbers entered if we can at least make a cut in BOB I'll be happy. I'm a no name and nobody knows me from Adam aside from the people in the area who I show with and my name now that I'm raffle coordinator. We shall see though... it's going to be a fun week for sure. I only wish the puppies were old enough to show. Oh well... next year perhaps.
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I'm going. I'll be the crazy lady trying to show four bitches, a brace, a veteran, two rally dogs and one agility dog.
I wish I was going(sigh)but not this year. Just because you are not a known face doesn't mean you can't come home with something. In 2000 when Bubba was 17 months old we came home with 2nd place in the Speciality (in his class) before the Nationals, a 4th in Sweeps,a 2nd (in his class) in the Futurity,and in the reg. classes a 2nd place, in his class. We had 4 Ribbons and a pewter plate.As far as I was concerned we cleaned up! The only judge that knew who I was ,was,the Sweeps judge. My dog's brother took first in a couple of the same classes.
I'm jealous...have a great time.
Yeah that's true if I had a class dog I might have a chance... however I have a special since Roxie is finished so not likely to get looked at but we're there for the fun of it anyway. If we can make a first cut I'll be thrilled. Roxie is a beautiful girl but not a lot of judges know what to do with such a largely black dog. Now her daughter is even more black than she is... Jesus what am I getting myself into. LOL. Too bad she's not old enough yet... she is going to be a stunner when she gets older.
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