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BHCA Hunt Test in Pa. May 1st

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Dean, What's the scoop??!! Belinda.
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Yes, the whole basset obedience list sure wants to know! :)
After this last weekend in the obedience ring, at least one member of the Basset Obedience list is thinking that a weekend of hunting may not be such a bad idea.. :roll:
here's the straight poop
Make plans to attend the BHCA Hunt Test hosted by the Susquehanna BHC

Saturday 1 May 2004 at the Carlsile Beagle Club, Carlsile, PA

For more information are to make sure you receive a premium list contact
Ken Engle test sec'y
201 Fishing Rod Rd
Liverpool, PA 17045
Phone 717-444-3250
e-mail [email protected]
Do you want to brace Critter and Molly? Or Y.Lee and Molly? Or whomever? Let me know. And see you then, Belinda.
I think Y. Lee might be better for Molly and I will run Critter and Dot as a brace.
If anyone is interested in going to the BHCA Hunt Test in Carlisle, Pa. there is a Motel 6 in Carlisle. The rate is $35 for a single (dogs allowed). See you there! Belinda.
I tried to get Ellen to come up here -- even offered to buy breakfast.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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