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8 of 16 placements Pilgrim Basset Hound Club Members. A 4 of those are Soundtrack Dogs

FAITH 1ST OAAB. SOUNDTRACK gotta have Faith. [Miriam Tefts]

LEILA. 4th OAAB Soundtrack almost Paradise [Miriam Tefts]

PATCH 4th Derby Soundtrack Superstitious Feelings (Reserve Winners Dog @ nationals [Miriam Tefts]

Selva 2nd Derby Soundtrack Topsfield-lebrera Karma to Burn [formerly known as Seven of Nine] [Claudia Orlandi and Guillermo]

Onda NBQ derby Soundtrack Topsfield-lebrera fire it up [formerly known as spot] [Claudia Orlandi and Guillermo]

Bitsy 2nd Champion class Vison topsfield Itsy Bitsy vanilla creme of Cloverhill [Claudia Orlandi, and Guillermo and Nancy Richmond]

RAZZY 3RD Champion class Vision Topsfield Raspberry Creme of Cloverhill [Nancy Richmond]

PINKIE 2ND OAAB class Topsfield - Lebrera rosa [Claudia Orlandi and Guillermo]

Angie Topsfield Sanchu Murder She Wrote [Claudi Orlandi and Guillermo]



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