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best leash for strong 5 yr olf Barkley

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I am 80 and just rescued 5 year old Barkley who is one strong boy. When he sees another dog he pulls and even with a gentle leader he almost wins. Can anyone suggest a better way of controlling his pulling?
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Congrats on the new rescue, I just rescued Woofus 2 weeks ago. I was wondering the same thing, then I found a leash called wackywalkr (website is and it's a kind of bungy leash. They have different sizes for different weights. It's a great leash in my eyes. Good luck with Barkley!!
I strongly recommend obedience classes, not just one session but at least until he has reliable leash manners in a variety of situations.
In the meantime I would suggest a properly fitted prong collar.
Well done for rescuing your Bassets... but would a 'bungy' type leash be a bit dangerous near traffic if it's stretchy like a bungy rope thingy?
I have one of the "bungy" type leashes. It's normal and then become stretchy halfway to the dog. It's not super stretchy at all, just provides a little give when she pulls. It also compacts very easily from a 6 ft leash to a 3 ft leash to provide me with added control if need be.

The leash can be seen here:

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