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Bessi is finally home! and she brought a houseguest!!

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Ok...I broke one of my cardinal rules....I hate it when people ask for advice and then do the exact opposite. I asked on the board if I should get two bassets and the majority said one now and if I am still sane in a year add one more. So I went to pick up Bessi and her sister ended up following us home! What can I do?? Those little sad eyes put you in a trance and you do whatever they tell you!

So we have Bessi and her sister Smiley (Her actual name is Smiley Butt as she has a white cresent shape on the rear of her back....However my wife is not crazy about me introducing her as Smiley Butt...Smiley the Butt...Princess Smiley of Butox, or any variation...Oh well!)

Yes, the first pic is them lying in the mat that I bought in a feable attempt to hold the piddle pad. It is much more fun to tear it up and sleep in it than pee-pee on it...Besides, that is what the tile is for right?


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Not gonna lie...those two are cute as heck! (how cute is heck anyways? must be A LOT!)
I require more pictures as soon as you can manage. LOL Thanks :)

Congrats on your new additions!
Oh jeez who could resist?!! I wonder if Princess BUTTercup & Princess Smiley of Butox are from the same monarch?
Bessi's Dad, I am gutting myself at your thread and your heading!!!! but, I agree you're hands were tied. What else could you do but take the two?? Please know that I will be praying for you hehehe!!

BTW, they are lovely.
Well I must say in your defense, that if I would have been in your shoes I would have done the very same thing! They are totally irresitable! I hope your days of potty training are short and sweet! I can't wait to see future pics of them!
LOL! I almost brought home Molly's sister too when I picked up Molly from the breeder, as she was the only puppy not taken. I was advised against it by the breeder, and my husband was not up for 2 puppies. His opinion was most important, as he rarely says no to me.

All in all, it's so hard to resist these dogs. I hope it goes well for you and I look forward to the stories and the pictures. Even though we advised against 2 puppies, please don't feel like you'll get an "I told you so" whenever you get frustrated. Share the stories with us. We all would have had a hard time resisting Smiley if we were in your shoes :)

Good luck and congratulations!!
Ok...I broke one of my cardinal rules....I hate it when people ask for advice and then do the exact opposite
Advice is just that it is not a comandment that must be followed under penalty of death. There are plenty of people quite happy with their bonded littermates. It is not something I would do but what works for me is not what works for anyone else, you still have to filter any advice to see hgow it applies to you and go into the situation eyes open. If you go into it know some of the potential problem spots it is a lot easier to avoid them so I never thing that giving adive to those that don;t take it is in vain. in the end it is likely to help them avoid some problems.

Whether you made the right decision is unknowable ant that goes for selecting only on of the sisters as well. It is far better to ask for advice and go into the process with your eyse wide open than avoid asking advice on the premise that if in the end you disagree with it you must follow it.
Along those same lines Like like this article about choosing a puppy for on of the pre-emiment clicker trainer in the world

How Do You Score as a Puppy Picker?
If you thought my point system was going to help you make your upcoming decision, think again. The only way to create a perfect checklist for puppy picking is if you do it after the fact. So, if you are willing to step into a process that is far from perfect, read on.

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on one paw, you may be in for some frustrating days ahead, but on the OTHER paw... dang they are freakin cute
I would not have been able to resist too...when we got Woody, he had 2 brothers left....if it had been only one..who knows if I would have been able to leave him either...they are adorable...

2x the mischief but 2xs the love too..enjoy and please keep us posted on their antics:p

Woody Hayes' mom
Oh they are both SO stinkin' adorable!!! Congrats and enjoy all the craziness!! :)
AW!! How adorable! lovely sisters :)
Keep us updated on those cutie pies!

Hank needs a little friend, too. none of our other pets like him because of how friendly he is.. then we'd have four dogs, though. too much trouble!
You wouldn't be the first one to not listen to good advice,that being said they are darling.
They are utterly adorable! I don't think I would've been able to resist, either.
Very cute! I have many similar pictures of my two and I look at them often. They always make me smile.:)

Be warned - mine ate the kitchen floor. I was going to replace it anyway after they were grown up but you should have seen the mess.

Luther and Sammy are very bonded so that is something to be aware of. Our puppy trainer had us use individual crates as the got older and take them for walks separately.
This really helped and they seem fairly normal for bassets. Hope you enjoy the experience. Take lots of pictures as they grow you will love them later!
They look so blissfully content in each others company - how could one question your decision to bring friend home too. Brave yes but think you have def made the the right decision in providing them both will a fellow basset companion. Souble the basset drool - but double the basset love and that's priceless
All I have to say is I want a puppy.
You say that NOW. :cool:

This is similar to that tshirt from yesterday... he human is training to run the full marathon in december and saw a shirt that said, "26.2 miles sounded like a good idead three months ago..."

they're so cute. then they start destroying stuff hahaha
lol oh everyone KNOWS you are in for it....two babies??? But they are going to have a wonderful bond together, and it's going to be so fun to watch them grow up together, and see how they are the same and different being siblings. Hey, if you can be home with them i say more power to you...if i would have been allowed two you can bet i wouldn't have hesitated!!! Good for you! hehe
I always say basset hounds are like potato chips. It's really hard to have only one!

They are adorable!
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