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bernie if you want to be able to keep your energy level up day after day of camping have your mum invest in some CPN Power Boost

Glycogen Replenishment in Hard Working Dogs
for how it works
Dogs that perform intense exercise, especially on successive days or successive times in one day, may require a supplemental carbohydrate source post-exercise to help them recover and replenish glycogen stores.
Recent research has shown that the most effective way to replenish carbohydrates in a canine athlete is through provision of modified starches called maltodextrins.
and feeding a high protein high fat diet weeks before such and outing as well. see FEEDING THE HIGH PERFORMANCE BIRD DOG

Additional research conducted by the Iams Company recognized that dogs on high-fat diets were better able to burn oxygen, even without extra conditioning. When highly conditioned dogs were fed a normal-fat food and sedentary dogs were fed a high-fat food, the dogs fed the high-fat food were better able to utilize oxygen and had more energy to burn. When the sedentary dogs were conditioned as well as fed the high-fat food, their energy burning ability went up even more.2

...In one research project completed by Iams scientists, racing sled dogs were fed diets of 16, 24, 32, and 40% protein. None of the dogs on the 16% protein food made it though the training season without at least one injury serious enough to remove them from training.

if she does this you will never ever be tired again, just don't tell her that part moms can be funny that way they seem to like it when we're tired
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