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Dudley has been turning into a serious beer hound lately! :eek:

Overall, he can be trusted around food and drink on the coffee table. But since the start of this year's NFL season, I can't leave a glass of beer unnattended where he can reach it. If it's full, he'll try to just get a slurp or two without knocking the glass over, but if it's half-full or less, he just knocks it over and drinks as much as he can before he gets caught! He pretty much ignores if I have a bottle or can, but he can't resist beer in a mug or pint glass. He also seems to be extra-motivated if I have imported or expensive domestic (Guiness, Bass Ale, Sam Adams) and not very into your average Bud or Miller.

This is dang distracting when I'm trying to watch football! And one of my friends has started calling him "Sudsley"!

I keep trying to get a pic, but have yet to succeed.

Anybody else have a hound that likes beer?

I guess I should add that he's never been able to get more than 1/2 a beer. I'm being more careful now, I don't want my dog to be the town drunk!
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