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Bee sting(s)

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Lollypop was stung by a bee, or perhaps multiple bee's this afternoon. I noticed she was shaking her head a LOT, so I checked her ears and ran my hands around her head to see if there were any bugs or other foreign objects irritating her. Literally 1 minute later I noticed her face was swelling and welts were appearing EVERYWHERE on her. She then threw up twice, and her muzzle was by now almost twice it's normal size. I rushed her to the vet and they injected her with steroids and Benadryl. She remained there for 2 hours so they could keep an eye on her, and I brought her home in the early evening. Her face is still swollen, but certainly not to the same extent. I gave her 50mg's of benadryl as prescribed and will give her more tomorrow morning and for the next few days.

Has anyone else run into this before? Should I keep benadryl on me at all times now? Is it normal for hounds to be this allergic to bee stings?
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I haven't had any experience myself, I just wanted to say poor Lolly! She's been through a lot lately. Hope she is ok!
That's frightening! I've never heard of a dog being allergic to bee stings, but obviously she's allergic to something. Lightning had a severe reaction to a vaccination once--his face swelled up and he started throwing up continuously. Luckily I lived very near the vet's then, and I got him back there pronto. He hasn't had a reaction since, but I watch him closely whenever I get him vaccinated (which isn't often any more). I think giving her benedryl orally will not stop the acute phase of the reaction. You need to discuss with your vet what to do should this happen when you're not near a vet's.
Pearl had an identical reaction to a yellow jacket sting. Everything but the welts. Since then, I always have a supply of benedryl on hand, including keeping a few capsules in my glove compartment.
Might be worth asking a vet if getting an Epi pen would help.
We had multiple experiences with bee stings. Seemed like Lucy was always sticking her head into trouble. The worst was getting stung in the butt, when she was running from a swarm that came out of a next she disturbed! She never had the severe reaction like Lollypop! Poor Lolly, hope she will be feeling better soon.

This time of year is especially bad for yellowjackets.
Thanks everyone! I did ask the vet what I should do if I were say in the Alaskan wilderness and they said to keep Benadryl around. I'll ask about the Epi when we see the vet for our SCHEDULED apt next week.

Yogi got stung on the side of his face two years ago. A yellow jacket got caught between his ear and face. He pawed it out and as soon as we got home I gave him benadryl just in case he had a reaction. He seemed to be fine though. I remember how worried I was that something would happen, like with your Lolly.
Hope she's feeling much better now.
How much benadryl do you give them? Are we talking about the regular liquid children's benadryl? Just asking so I can have some on hand should something like this happen to Flash.

Poor Lollypop! I hope she is feeling better!
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