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Hello there,

I just thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you all to our new pup. His name is Baxter and he is 14 weeks old.
We, me and my better half Hazel, had been considering getting a Basset for the past 2 years and last weekend we took the plunge. Hazel is very experienced with dogs as her and her mum have breed show dogs for many years, although never Bassets. I on the other hand am a complete novice so this is all new to me.
We chose a Basset as it would fit into our kind of lifestyle quite well. Although Baxter is still young we have not been disappointed. He is just so well tempered and a pleasure to have.
I was warned by Hazel before we him just how much hard work is involved in rearing a pup. She wasn’t wrong, but we have a lot of time and patience to train him, and with luck this will pay dividends for many years to come.
I just want to add what a great site this is for me being a novice. It is good to have a place to ask for advice if needed.
Anyhow nice to meet you all and please see the attached pictures of Baxter.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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