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Hi all-

Pw. Clemmie bawkin’ in. First, a big woof of thank you to the kind folks who have already sent me moolah for ABC’s WoW Waddle. Bear wif the she-slave, she is working her little fingers to the bone makin’ all the basset crap she promised. There may be a little delay in mailing it out ‘cause my sister Duchess was sick, and went to the Rainbow Bwidge. The slaves have been having a twes tough time.

My goal, is to make my sad slaves smile, and at the same time honor my sister Duchess’s memory at ABC’s inaugural Wonders of the World Waddle (Duchess was an ABC houndie). So, here’s my big beg again….. I want to have a nickzillion dollars in pledges to bring to the Waddle in Duchess’s memory. Help me, make my sad slaves smile!

The she-slave has a created a lovely assortment of Thank You gifts, for everyone who opens up their pocketbook to support me, Pw. Clemmie & ABC. Please be kind to us. As a reminder, here is what you are eligible for:

$5.00-$9.99 Peruvian basset keychain with assorted beads

$10.00-$14.99 Keychain & Basset charm dangle pin

$15.00-19.99 Keychain, Basset charm pin & matching charm


$20.00 & up Keychain, Basset charm pin, matching charm

bracelet & earrings

All of the jewelry is 18K gold plated, or so the slave says. Pictures are now up, and can be viewed at using a password of thank you. And, stawting today through June 1st, any pledges of $20.00 or more will receive a surprise thank you gift on top of what is outlined here. I think it’s twes cute. Or, if your slave is trying to collect pledges for a waddle, we are willing to pledge swap-our slave, will meet the pledge your slave sends us, up to $35.00.

Pledges can be made via Paypal using [email protected]

Checks can be made out to ABC Basset Hound Rescue and mailed to

Lisa Lucas

417 Parma Center Rd.

Hilton, NY


Thank you for helping New York’s Homeless Houndies and making the slaves smile,

Yours in bassetude

Pw. Clemmie

Waddle Hostess

2004 Wonders of the World Waddle

June 4th & 5th

Niagara Falls, NY
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