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1 Posts the name of my book of basset poetry. (work in progress) Here's a preview of it. Do you recognize the hound, who has mastered THE LOOK so well? :)

hello to the board...have 2 bassetts ... Chubs and Gracie...almost a year old...i enjoyed your poem, and totally understand 'the look'...we are learning to understand these bassetts they are very different from the boxer we had for 14 years! they make us laugh a lot...i have two questions i hope you don't mind me asking...they do something my kids call 'the neck thing' way to describe it, is they try to climb up on top of you if you are sitting on the couch, or especially when you sit on the floor, and drape themselves across your neck!!! also, they love to lie on their backs spread's so funny...they both do it. am enjoying the forum...if i knew how to do pictures, i'd post them! regards...salita
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