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Basset's in Commercials on TV

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Have you noticed that you are seeing much more of the Basset hound on TV lately? I have been home sick all week and while I can't recall them, I saw two Basset Hound commercials! What a joy it is to watch them! :wub:
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**hehe** I know I saw a "kibbles and bits" commertial with a basset as the main focus ... another one recently was a retirement home commertial ... the basset was only on for a quick flash and sitting behind and to the side of a park bench ... but he was there!

I loved the Red Bull one last week. A taller female dog fell in love with a male basset. He drank the Red Bull to give him wings, his tail perked up, and then he smiled......screen went blank.
You get the idea, I just had to laugh.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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