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Bassets everywhere have lost a dear friend

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Many on here will remember Lynne. She was owned by Huck. (Huckleberry Floodhound)
She entertained us with the most beautiful pictures as she, her hubby Jack, and Huck sailed up the coast of ALaska every year.

Lynne died last night surrounded by her cherished family and Huck at her side. She battled cancer bravely for almost two years.

Lynne was a terrible foster failure. : ) I got Bo from her three years ago. Her other two fosters became permanent members of her pack. She and I formed a friendship that I will cherish for the rest of my life, as a result of cyberhound.

My heart is breaking right now. But I knew that some of you remember her, and would want to know.

Lynne and Huck:
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'd been wondering how she was and was concerned that, because she hadn't posted in so long, her battle might not be going well.

Sad, sad news. :(
I'm really sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the adventures that she & Huck had on their trips.
We all know how it is to lose a hound, but you never think about how the hounds feel when they lose us. She will be missed by all, especially Huck.
That is terrible news. Thanks for informing us. Her pictures and stories of HUck were great. She will be missed.
So sorry to read about Lynn! I do remember her stories and her beloved Huck. Keeping everyone in my prayers...thanks forl letting us know!

So sorry to hear about Lynn's passing. I had hoped they had caught the cancer earlier enough. I will pray for her family, friends and dear Huck.

Very sad indeed. While I didn't know her personally I can tell through her posts she was a good person with a lust for adventure. Her stories of travel with Huck were a highlight for sure. I would often find myself dreaming of retirement and traveling with my hounds too. I'm sure the family is hurting now, but hope they know we're thinking of them during this sad time. Rest peacefully Lynne, you will be missed.
She was a real good friend of ours and I cherish the fact that we met a few years ago.

janice and little ruby
Thank you for everything, Lynne.
You were such a nice lady, an honor
to have known you, sad the journey
to Norway never could be.

Rest in Peace

Steinar, Emma and Doris
I didn't know Lynne personally, but felt I did through her pictures. I too was wondering how she was doing, but I was afraid to ask. This is very, very sad. I send my condolences to Huck and Lynne's family.
My condolences to you on the loss of your friend. I was wondering how she was doing. May Huck bring a little bit of her with him into your life.
I am so sorry. You have my sincere condolences. I very much enjoyed the Christmas cards and photos of Huck. I know Lynne will be sorely missed by many.

Thanks for letting us know, Sandy. My condolences to Lynne's family and friends, both human and canine. I loved hearing about her boat and her travel adventures aboard ship.

With sadness,

Sincere condolences to Lynne's family and friends.
Saddened to hear this. Her posts were always interesting and her love of bassets was obvious. Regards to her family.
Lynne was a very good Cyber friend and I had the wonderful good fortune to meet her in person last year at the Boardwaddle. She was a very great lady. I will miss her so much. Sandy, I didn't know Huck was coming to live with you ~ that's wonderful. You will have a little piece of Lynne right there with you. How sweet.
Oh how very sad. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dear friend. My prayers are with you.
Condolences to Lynne's family and friends. Good to hear that Huck is coming to live with you, Sandy.
For those of us who are on Facebook, a Facebook group has been formed to celebrate and remember Lynne's life. In Loving Memory of Lynne Flood
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