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Thunderstorms don't faze our two in the least. It also helps I think that we constantly have F-16 figter jets flying over the house. We're about 5 miles from the base so it's an almost everyday occurence. We were worried about Virga but the first time she heard the jet she was looking all over the sky trying to find it.

My husband had a basset hound growing up who was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. He'd pace, drool, chew stuff up. Whatever he could do to relieve his stress. He got a hold of the aluminum foil box once and cut the hell out of his mouth. My in-laws got home to a kitchen floor covered in blood. Not fun at all. He also had a tendency to climb up onto people's shoulders. That got him closer to the storm so we didn't understand that decision. Luckily he eventually lost his hearing and so slept through the storms unless the thunder was close enough to make the floor boards vibrate. I guess it all depends on the individual hound.
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