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Congratulations on your pregnancy. My experience with Bassets and bables go way back (36yrs) but we never had an issue with the dog or the child. Our first Basset puppy was four months old when my first son was born and he loved to rest his head on my belly like Barty is doing to you. I'm sure they know. When we brought the baby home from the hospital, Waldo peed in the doorway of the baby's room and after that we had no issues. When the baby would cry the dog would come to me as if to say " aren't you going to do anything about this?" He was very gentle with the baby but we did give him special time too.

We had rules to make our lives easier. No hitting the dog, or pulling his ears and tail, and no walking with food in your hands. A toddler walking with crackers in his hand with a dog trying to get the cracker--the kid keeping his hand above his head- the dog knocks the kid down. Who gets in trouble?? The dog of course! So the the rules were food at the table only. Who wants crumbs all over the floor anyway.

Teaching the child to respect the dog is the key. Of course I was a stay at home Mom and had plenty of time to watch the both of them and keep them in line.
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