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Bassets and heat

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It's 85 degrees out, Francis and I have just come in from a long, slow walk at a local park and Franny looks like he's just come off the Bataan Death March. He's drooling and breathing at an incredible rate. I just threw a couple of cold, wet towels on him and am encouraging him to drink cool water.
Does anybody else have a basset like this? He gets like this every summer and it always makes me nervous. He's healthy and I always bring water along on the walk but he won't drink it. Any other ideas?
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that's how they cool themselves,water should be kept in front of them at all times and diet is important.i feel a higher fat food is needed fat burns off at a lower temp,and holds moisture which is released when the fat is burning off to help keep them cool.
I never used to let Biscuit go on walks during the day when it got really hot here. He could handle cold --- loved it, in fact --- but didn't do the best with heat. You might try taking the walks really early morning or at night.

Water water water!

I also think some dogs are okay with heat, and others aren't. And it doesn't seem really predictable. Yogi, for example, has that underlayering of fat that labradors have --- you'd think he'd hate heat, but he loves it. The hotter the better --- he gets out and roasts for hours and hours at a time, seriously, in full sun, and will not come in. I have to drag him in because I am just so sure he's going to collapse from heat exhaustion. :roll: But he's always just fine. ?
As long as I let them set the pace my guys do well (it was 85 today and we spent an hour at the dog park)...but they drink willingly along the way
It was 90 here today (finally) and mine spent most of the day lying on the tile floor. When it gets warm like this I take my walks before 10am and after 8pm which is only because that's the habit I got into with the Boxers.
When there's snow on the ground Murray can chase rabbits for hours and not want to stop- as soon as the temperature hits 70,around early April, he's down for the count:walking him above 80 degrees is like dragging a big lumpy sack of potatoes. The bunnies start worrying again the middle of September.
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