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Mattie loves her brothers & sister cats. The one cat Jack, he bullies Mattie. He laying in the door way purposely blocking Mattie from going to another room. We have to move him so she can get by. But when it comes dinner time for Mattie, they have to eat together or Mattie won't eat without Jack.
Daisy... well she has got better with Mattie. Mattie wants to be her friend but she don't want much to do with Mattie.
and the newest addition to our clan is Juicy.. right now he is 10 months old.. And Mattie and him have been buddies every since Juicy has been around. They play and chase each other and sometimes they even sleep together.

With Mattie.. its a game if the cats run. So if a stray cat or if we are at Mattie's grandmas and the cats run from her then Mattie wants to chase them, but if they just sit there and look at her then the game is over and Mattie don't give them a second look.
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