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bassets and cats

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does anyone else have a cat? if so does your basset get along with it or terrorize it? i got my cat shortly after i got toby, so they were both babies. now the cat acts like a basset. she rolls over on her back for belly rubs, plays with the dogs toys, licks us, and always plays with toby. when he's asleep on the floor she'll walk up to him and groom him. it's precious. but sometimes she doesn't feel like playing and toby chases her around. it's too funny. does anyone else's bassets and cats interract like that?
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My cat has always been like that even before we got a dog. He plays fetch, loves belly rubs and is very social. He gets along well with Gwen but is always the first to want to stop playing. He doesn't snuggle or lick her unless he thinks that we aren't watching. That is great that your fur babies get along so well.
My Flash loves his feline pals. They all play and sleep and do stuff together, except eat.

We had 5 cats before we got either dog (we still have all 5, although I think a couple would leave if they could). Rosco wanted to chase them as a puppy but has had that mostly trained out of him. Layla really wants to chase them. She is a work in progress. She doesn't hurt them when she corners them, just barks and follows them really closely. She knows her 'stay' command and we are working on it. Three of our cats don't mind her as long as she doesn't chase them, but the other two pretty much hate the dog. We put up a gate to give the cats a few rooms of peace and quiet.
Lightning and Kitty LOVE each other. I got really lucky, since I got the cat when he was fully grown and I had no idea how he'd react to dogs. But they chase each other, mock attack each other, sleep together, etc. When Stomps was alive he didn't like the cat, so they just stayed out of each other's way. Stomps would have never gone after the cat, though. And even though I think the cat would win a fight if it ever came to that, I always make sure the cat has an exit that Lightning can't follow him through. Watching Kitty and Lightning play always makes me laugh out loud.
When I got Mr. Pea he was very thin & sick (he was a throw away) but as soon as he saw Percy, a kitten (also a throw away) he picked him up & started carrying him around. As soon as Mr. Pea would put him down Percy would run back for more. However now, 10 years later, they pretty much ignore each other. Both the cats prefer Molly as she lets them rub her snout & Mr. Pea doesn't. I always wanted cats & dogs that would snuggle but have never had any! I would love to see pics from those who do.
Susan, here are Lightning and Kitty caught during a tender moment:
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how sweet!!! haha i'll have to try and capture toby and jenny sharing a moment this weekend.
Any moments with Rosco/Layla and the cats would not be so tender.
The first day we got Gibbs the first thing him and Lily did together was run a neighborhood cat up a tree. Now we can say "Where's the cat?" and they'll go looking for a cat.

Lollypop barks at our neighbors cat as it lies on their front stoop. I doubt the cat would ever let her get close, but I'm pretty sure Lollypop would accept her as she seems to do with everything and everyone else. In fact, Lolly pretty much barks at anyone or any dog walking down the street. Once petted, or approached, she stops and lies on her back. Some alpha huh? The barking is either bluster or her way of saying hi!
Mattie loves her brothers & sister cats. The one cat Jack, he bullies Mattie. He laying in the door way purposely blocking Mattie from going to another room. We have to move him so she can get by. But when it comes dinner time for Mattie, they have to eat together or Mattie won't eat without Jack.
Daisy... well she has got better with Mattie. Mattie wants to be her friend but she don't want much to do with Mattie.
and the newest addition to our clan is Juicy.. right now he is 10 months old.. And Mattie and him have been buddies every since Juicy has been around. They play and chase each other and sometimes they even sleep together.

With Mattie.. its a game if the cats run. So if a stray cat or if we are at Mattie's grandmas and the cats run from her then Mattie wants to chase them, but if they just sit there and look at her then the game is over and Mattie don't give them a second look.
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Lightening & Kitty are precious! Thanks for the pic.
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