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We adopted our 4th rescue during quarantine. He is an absolute lovebug and has completely changed the energy in our home. We were told he was full beagle by the Dallas shelter...but he'd be a really big beagle :D does he look like a basset to you? Maybe a little bit of both? For reference, he's about 18 inches at the withers and about 65lbs
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He's not purebred Basset, but there could be some in his mix - he could be Beagle/Basset mix, or perhaps a Foxhound mix of some kind? Regardless he's a nice looking chap and has clearly landed on his feet with you.
looks like a beagle
What with a deep heavy body like that? Nah, I'd suggest he's a mix, as I already suggested.
The lack of for chest just makes the chest look deeper in original photo. The chest end at bottom of elbow in all pictures;
It's not to do with the lack of sternum there but my impression of what he is, or isn't, is based on the thickness of his body behind the front. Of course, there are good examples of breeds, and not so good examples, so it could be said he's 'purebred' Beagle of course. And maybe the Shelter know what his mother was, at least!! He's definitely not all Basset :p
18 inches at the withers and about 65lbs Plenty of 17" inch beagles but he could be a mix with coonhound ie Treeing Walker

see for comparison of 17.5" beagle
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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